Bonnema responds to Ottawa GOP Resolution

Commissioner Bonnema Responds to Ottawa GOP Censure Resolution

ZEELAND, Mich., June 21, 2023 – Jacob Bonnema, Ottawa County Commissioner for the 4th District, today responded to the Ottawa County Republican Party’s resolution to censure him from its Executive Committee.

“I am a common-sense conservative who is known for being a rugged individualist and proud to represent the hardworking, honest individuals who value their liberty and freedom. My district includes Zeeland City, Zeeland Township, and parts of Holland Township. As commissioner, I have worked hard to listen to the people’s voice and vote honestly and consistently with the values of this thriving county. I will continue to fight for common sense conservative values and principles to be the standard by which we do the business of the County. I work for no political party or special interest group, I work for the people of Ottawa County.

I am for :
   ◦    Government Transparency through the First Amendment
   ◦    Competency with ideology 
   ◦    Fiscal Responsibility 
   ◦    Limited Government
   ◦    Governing with the least force and authority with grace
   ◦    Sanctity of Life
   ◦    Honoring all people equally
   ◦    Pro 2A

I am against:
   ◦    Medical Mandates
   ◦    Limiting Free Speech
   ◦    No bid/non cancelable contracts
   ◦    Wasteful Spending 
   ◦    Virtue Signaling/Activism
   ◦    Group Think

I was elected, as were others on the county commission, by the people who sought change, rational leadership, transparency in government and assurance that Ottawa County would lead with the interests of the people first. We were elected to return trust in county government. It is my desire to rebuild that trust in our elected officials by advocating for transparency, 

Commissioner Bonnema Responds to Adeline Hambley Settlement 

ZEELAND, Mich., November 8, 2023

Jacob Bonnema, Ottawa County Commissioner for the 4th District, today responded to Ottawa Impact’s decision to pay Adeline Hambley $4 million to resign.

“Today, Ottawa County residents got a raw deal. The decision by Ottawa Impact to payout Adeline Hambley goes against every principle of good governance and fiscal conservatism.”

“First, it is a severe abuse of the taxpayers, who are now compelled to pay this exorbitant settlement to one 
person and get absolutely nothing in return.”

“Second, Ottawa County taxpayers now have to pay Adeline as well as the salary of the full-time director 
who replaces her. Double pay for half the work is the pattern of behavior for staffing decisions by Ottawa 
County managers.”

“Finally, the speed at which this decision was made and the Ottawa Impact commissioner’s willingness to 
go along with this, with no checks or balances, is wholly irresponsible and begs the question, “why?” If this decision was made differently, the insurance company would have paid the fees, not the taxpayers. So, why?”

“The opportunity costs of this decision will have lasting effects, because $4 million is a lot of money! Consider what could have been done with $4 million to help our neighbors. How many roads could we have plowed? How many park paths or benches could we maintain or improve? How many sheriff cruisers could we buy or deputies could we employ to keep us safe?”

“Ottawa County needs better government. Joe Moss, Sylvia Rhodea and the Ottawa Impact commissioners promised to ‘value the People of Ottawa County above the interests of government,’ but this settlement is another failed promise.”

“We need people who will govern with the least force, use good sense and courage in decision making, honor all people equally, and reject ideology that segregates. Ottawa Impact’s actions show they care about themselves alone and will do everything in their power to protect their interests over those of the taxpayers.”


'Are they looking for a singing telegram?' Board shifts blame for Ottawa Food suspension

Holland Sentinel, 11/21/2023

OTTAWA COUNTY — What was at first glance meant to be a straightforward meeting of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners descended into fiery exchanges about the fate of Ottawa Food on Tuesday.




11:48 PM EST, November 9, 2023

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